Our Process

We believe in transparency and collaboration from
start to finish. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we
bring your animated visions to life

The journey begins with transforming your ideas into a compelling script. The script serves as the foundation for the voice-over and guides the visual planning of your video. To visualize the narrative, we craft detailed storyboards, laying the groundwork for the scenes ahead.
Storyboards act as visual blueprints for each scene in your animation. Whether through sketch drawings or detailed illustrations, these "little boxes" map out the sequence of events. While they are crucial for planning, the final animation may evolve beyond the storyboard to better capture your vision.
Tailoring the voice to your brand's message, we offer a range of voice-over options including male, female, and diverse accents (USA, UK, Australia, and more). Our collaboration with top voice talent ensures that your message is delivered with the perfect tone and clarity.
This is where our creativity truly shines. Our team of animators gets to work, turning the storyboard and script into a captivating animated video. While this stage is the most time-intensive, the result—a stunning, bespoke animation—is always worth the wait.
Once the animation is complete, we share the project with you via Google Drive for review. Your feedback is crucial to us, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations.
Based on your feedback, we make any necessary adjustments to fine-tune the video. This stage is all about perfecting details and ensuring that the animation meets your complete satisfaction.

And voilà! Your animated explainer video is ready. Upon completion, you hold all commercial rights to the video, allowing you to showcase it on your website, social media channels, presentations, and outreach efforts.

Animayt is dedicated to supporting you at every step of the process. Let us help you tell your story in the most engaging way possible.